We believe that medicine shouldn’t have nasty side effects, hurt the environment, or your wallet. That’s why we created Master Formulae, to harness the natural and potent healing powers of plants. Our botanical medicines help you to gain autonomy over the health of you and your family.

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The taste you hate, the benefits you love

We know tinctures don’t taste great. But there are many reasons to choose tinctures over capsules and other forms of herbs

More Bioavailable

Tinctures are highly bioavailable to the body and offer a more potent concentration of medicinal properties than dried herbs or capsules.

Fast Acting

Our tinctures are alcohol-based, making them extremely fast-acting. The medicinal properties of the plants are absorbed directly into the bloodstream, so absorption starts the moment you taste it.

Long Shelf Life

Alcohol is a natural preservative. This means our tinctures have no artificial preservatives and have a long shelf up, up to 5 years!

Easy Dosing

Every individual is different and tinctures are easy to adjust your dose to suit your unique needs.

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Rose Hips

Rose hips (Rosa Canina) are naturally anti-inflammatory, making them effective for people suffering from arthritis, a sprained ankle, backache, for athletes who experience muscle soreness or even help soothe a headache! They are a potent source of Vitamin C (4571 mg/100g!) making them a great immune booster and antioxidant. Antioxidants protect the body against free radical damage to cells, which left unchecked can result in illnesses such as cancer, dementia and heart disease.

Helps With:



Nature’s Anti-inflammatory


Valerian is one of the most relaxing herbs in herbal medicine. It can help you to reduce tension, anxiety and overexcitability. This quality makes it great as a natural sleep aid. Less well known is valerian’s use as a muscle relaxant, soothing tense muscles, cramping and pain associated with tension such as migraines.

Helps With:



Valeriana Blend


Ashwagandha is a very interesting and useful herb for many people today. It helps to restore health by reducing stress and mental fatigue (who couldn’t use a bit of that?). While reducing stress it improves focus, energy, memory and stamina. If you’re sick or injured it can also help you to recover faster. These well-rounded benefits make it great for the elderly, athletes, high performers, growing children and most especially, Moms!

Helps With:




Panax Ginseng

Ginseng is a sort of crowd-pleaser, in that it improves overall wellbeing. It is used to improve mental and physical stamina and performance as well as promotes longevity. Panax Ginseng increases both metabolism and the growth of healthy cells, which can even result in more muscle mass. You’ll also be more resistant to stresses including both physical, mental and environmental. In women, it can boost estrogen while in men it can help to boost libido and fertility. 

Helps With:

Memory & Focus


Panax Ginseng

Black Cohosh

Black Cohosh is known primarily for its role in supporting women with menopausal symptoms. It can also help younger women dealing with menstrual pain, as it has powerful anti-spasmodic and analgesic effects, as well as stimulates estrogen. Lesser known is its role in providing relief for muscle and nerve tension or pain as well as providing relief for rheumatoid illnesses such as arthritis.

Helps With:

Women’s Hormonal Health


Black Cohosh

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    "My doctor in Vancouver recommended your VALERIAN. It worked and we can now get a peaceful night’s sleep. Thank you"
    "The Ginseng tincture is great. The most noticeable was when I had been up and down with three ill children. In the morning I had to teach lessons. Lack of sleep makes me very grumpy and short with the children. I took a squirt of the Ginseng. I had energy and forgot that I wasn’t well rested. I was also patient with the children. I take it now whenever I need a little extra boost of energy. It hasn’t let me down yet."
    "I have bypassed many colds and flu by using BLAST. I just take a dropper full of BLAST as soon as symptoms, such as sneezing, sinus congestion or a frog in the throat, appear. Many friends and family have also found the same results…I’m grateful for this powerful product! Thanks Master Formulae"
    "I have been using Master Formulae’s Black Ointment for several months with great results"
    "I wish to commend you and your products. I can’t say enough about your tinctures. They are easy to take and have no side effects. Your Black Ointment (and physio repair) is also Tremendous. Keep up the products. Thank you"
    "I have recently discovered your wonderful products. Over the last six months, I have seen total remission of psoriasis, eczema, my own bronchitis (without penicillin!), and several other chronic conditions. All have been helped or cured solely by the use of your herbs, even after years of doctor’s care and prescriptions"